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Mission and Terms of Reference


To enable women in Hong Kong to fully realise their due status, rights and opportunities in all aspects of life.


Terms of Reference

The Women's Commission is tasked to promote the well-being and interests of women in Hong Kong.  As such, it:

  • advises the Government on the development of a long term vision and strategies related to the development and advancement of women;
  • advises the Government on the integration of policies and initiatives which are of concern to women, which fall under the purview of different Policy Bureaux ; 
  • keeps under review, in the light of women's needs, services delivered within and outside the Government, identifies priority areas for action, and monitors the development of new or improved services;
  • initiates and undertakes independent surveys and research studies on women's issues and organises educational and promotional activities; and
  • develops and maintains contact with local and international women's groups and service agencies with a view to sharing experiences and improving communication and understanding.