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CBMP Student Association

The Capacity Building Mileage Programme Student Association (CBMPSA) was founded in October 2008 to sustain the positive impact of the programme on participants, to further promote the culture of lifelong learning as well as maintaining a peer support network. Since its establishment, CBMPSA organises activities and voluntary work through which CBMP students apply their knowledge and skills in serving the community.

With a view to enhancing the interaction between Women’s Commission members, members of CBMPSA and CBMP students, and widen the latter two’s exposure to areas of expertise and experience of Women’s Commission members, a new initiative is implemented by which Women’s Commission members are invited to give seminars to CBMPSA and CBMP students on a regular basis during semester breaks. The first seminar on “Smart Financial Management” by Women’s Commission Member Ms Angelina Kwan was held on 17 October 2015. Other seminars are going to be organised in the future.