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Health and Support

Working Group on Health and Support


Dr SO Kit-ying, Loletta
Ms YEUNG Kin-ha, Yvonne


Prof CHAN Lai-wan, Cecilia, JP
Ms CHAN Yuen-han, SBS, JP
Ms Angelina KWAN
Dr LAU Chung-hang, Kevin
Ms LEE Kam-ha, Melaine
Ms NG Yuen-ting, Yolanda, MH
Ms PONG Oi-lan, Scarlett, BBS, JP
Ms Rigam RAI
Ms TANG Ming-sum, Michelle
Ms TSAI Hiu-wai, Sherry
Ms WONG Siu-wah, BBS
Mrs WONG HO Suk-ying, Viola

Areas of Focus

  • Physical and mental health of women
  • Women with disabilities
  • Prevention of sexual harassment
  • Adversity in marriage