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Women Empowerment Fund

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region attaches great importance to women’s contribution to the community and the work of supporting women. In his 2022 Policy Address, the Chief Executive announced that the annual funding for the Women’s Commission to organise activities to promote women’s development would be increased substantially from $4 million to $10 million over the next three years from 2023-24 and a Women Empowerment Fund (“WEF”) would be set up. The Government subsequently announced in the 2023-24 Budget that a sum of $100 million had been set aside to strengthen support for women’s development and the related tasks. Starting from 2023-24, the annual funding for the WEF will be increased from $10 million to $20 million. Given an annual funding of $20 million, the WEF will operate for six years with the Government provision.

The WEF aims to empower women, regardless of their age, occupation, background, etc., to realise their full potentials in their respective arenas, ultimately achieving the goal of promoting women’s development in Hong Kong. Eligible women’s groups and non-governmental organisations of non-profit-making or charitable nature may apply for WEF to organise activities in supporting women to juggle their jobs and family life, bringing women’s awareness to their own physical and mental health, and unleashing their potential.

Details can be found at the WEF website.