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Employment Services of Labour Department

Job Centres and Recruitment Centres

The Labour Department provides free job referral service for job seekers through a network of Job Centres. Telephones, fax machines, Vacancy Search Terminals and computers with Internet connection are available in the Job Centres to facilitate job seekers to search suitable jobs, prepare resumes and application letters. Job seekers may use the facilities provided there to complete the whole job-hunting process all at one stop. Job seekers may also meet employment officers to discuss their employment needs, to improve job seeking techniques, to obtain information on labour market and training/retraining courses, and/or to undergo career aptitude assessments as appropriate. Besides, the Labour Department has set up the Recruitment Centre for the Catering Industry, the Recruitment Centre for the Retail Industry, and the Construction Industry Recruitment Centre to provide free as well as one-stop and on-the-spot recruitment services for employers and job seekers.

Job seekers may find more detailed information on the Job Centres and Recruitment Centres from the Labour Department’s website.

Interactive Employment Service

Labour Department’s Interactive Employment Service website ( provides round-the-clock on-line employment service and comprehensive employment information. The website hosts a number of thematic webpages to provide dedicated employment information for specific clientele. Job seekers can register online, view the latest vacancy information and perform simple job matching through the website. Job seekers may also use the Labour Department’s Interactive Employment Service mobile application (both iOS and Android versions available) to search for suitable vacancies anytime and anywhere with their mobile devices.

Telephone Employment Service

Job seekers who have registered with Labour Department’s job centres or the website of the Interactive Employment Service, and are looking for private sector vacancies may call the Labour Department’s Telephone Employment Service Hotline: 2969 0888 for job referral service. Placement officers of the Telephone Employment Service Centre may help connect job seekers to employers through conference calls, and make arrangement for job interviews.

Job Fairs

Labour Department organises different kinds of large-scale job fairs to facilitate job seekers and employers from different sectors to meet and communicate direct. District-based job fairs are also held at job centres to assist employers to recruit local residents and to enable job seekers to participate in job interviews without having to travel long distance.

Job seekers may visit the Labour Department’s Interactive Employment Service website for more information on the latest Job Fairs.

Other Employment Information and Dedicated Webpages