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Support Services of Social Welfare Department

Day Child Care Services

To assist parents who cannot take care of their young children temporarily because of work or other reasons, the Social Welfare Department subsidies non-governmental organisations to provide a variety of child care services, to meet the different needs of the parents and their young children.

Service Type Service Nature Service Target
Child Care Centre (CCC) Provide child care service for children aged 0 to under 3 Children aged 0 to under 3
Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre (KG-cum-CCC) Provide care and education services for children aged 0/2 to under 6 Children aged 0/2 to under 6
Occasional Child Care Service (OCCS) Provide occasional child care assistance on full-day, half-day or two-hour sessional basis at some CCCs and KG-cum-CCCs for parents or carers with sudden engagements or various commitments CCCs
Children aged 0 to under 3

Children aged 0/2 to under 6
Mutual Help Child Care Centre (MHCCC)
  • Set up by non-profit-making local organisations, women’s associations, church groups, etc
  • Promote mutual help on child care within the neighbourhood
  • Activities being carried out mainly by volunteers, neighbours and / or parents in the form of mutual help child care group
Children aged 0 to under 3

(Service operators may provide service to children aged 3 to under 6 on a need basis)
Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project (NSCCP)
  • Provide flexible child care services
  • Promote community participation and mutual help in the neighbourhood
  • Two service components: home-based child care service and centre-based care group
Home-based child care service
children aged under 9

Centre-based care group
children aged 3 to under 9

Please visit Social Welfare Department’s website for more detailed information on the Child Care Services.