Emergency and Consultation Hotline

Social Welfare Departmental Hotline Service 2343 2255
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, CEASE Crisis Centre, Multi-purpose Crisis Intervention and Support 24-hour Hotline 18281
Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre Hotline 18288
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
Rainlily Hotline
2375 5322
Christian Family Service Centre Serene Court 2381 3311
Harmony House 24 Hours Women Hotline 2522 0434
Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
(Free of charge mental health counseling services and information 24-hour hotline)
2772 0047
Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres Women’s Helpline & Free Legal Advice Clinic 2386 6255
Po Leung Kuk Refuge Centre for Women & Free Legal Consultation Hotline 8100 1155
Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association
Free Legal Consultation Service for Divorcing Women
YWCA Counselling Hotline
3443 1600
2711 6622
Cervical Screening Service 24-hour Phone Booking and Information Hotline 3166 6631
Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme 3565 6288
Family Health Service Breastfeeding Hotline 3618 7450
Family Health Service 24-hour Information Hotline 2112 9900
Health Education Infoline 2833 0111
Social Hygiene Service Hotline 2150 7370
AIDS Hotline of the Department of Health 2780 2211
Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office - Integrated Smoking Cessation Hotline 1833 183
FPA Clinic Services Hotline 2572 2222
Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Counselling Centre 2711 1974
Hong Kong Aids Foundation Helpline 2513 0513
9093 0335 (Whatsapp)

Department of Health, Family Health Service – Woman Health

GovHK Women Health

Change for Health

Shall We Talk

Department of Health, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office

Department of Health AIDS Hotline website

Department of Health, Centre for Health Protection

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

Mother’s Choice

Fitness Exercise for Women

Association for the Advancement of Feminism